Mom Offers Baby Delicious Food So That He Says ‘Mama’, But Her Dog Says It Instead

Parents teach their children in many ways, the most common one should be ‘rewarding’. This means that parents would encourage their children with rewards and gifts if they accomplish a task. This method is more efficient with younger kids. So when this mom in Utah is offering a treat to her toddler, it ends in…

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Veteran and His Loyal Dog Pass Away Within Hours Of Each Other

When Daniel Hove was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, family and friends rallied to help the Air Force veteran-turned-assistant fire chief navigate this difficult time. But nobody was more supportive than Daniel’s loyal dog, Gunner, an 11-year-old lab who rarely left his owner’s side. Photos of Daniel’s final years show the loyal pooch snuggling beside his…

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The strange friendship of a cat and dog couple traveling around the world

Solo travel is fun, but having a few extra companions won’t hurt, and it’s even more fun. Especially if you love to travel but also love animals, dogs and cats can be the perfect companions to fulfill all your desires. And if you have both cats and dogs with you, the fun will be doubled!…

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Dog saves baby girl’s life after she stopped breathing in the middle of the night

Having a dog around the house is always a blessing: not only are they loving and loyal companions, but they can even save your life. We’ve seen stories of dogs stepping up to protect their owners or alert them of danger. Now, one woman is calling her dog a hero after he helped save her baby’s life, alerting…

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Cat Cafe in Ukraine refuses to close doors despite Russian invasion, continues to care for 20 cats

The world continues to watch with shock and sadness as Russian forces invade Ukraine. But amidst the heartbreak, there have also been stories of inspiring resistance from the Ukrainian people. And sometimes stories of courage come from the most unexpected places — like a “cat cafe,” whose owners have refused to close despite the invasion, refusing to…

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10 Most Popular Family Dogs

Human beings have been keeping dogs as pets in the family home for many years. Loving, loyal and funny animals, the right dog can bring many benefits to a family. From teaching the kids about looking after things and being responsible to giving the home a constant focal point, they are a great addition to…

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